The DinerMagic Affiliate Program is for those professional salespeople who want to make money and keep their customers happy.

So let's start with this - you want to know, "How much money can I make?"
As of November, 2010, the commission is $100 per sign up, plus a residual of ~28% of the monthly fee ($29.95) that a DinerMagic customer pays as long as they remain a customer. This is equal to an additional $100, divided by the minimum 12-month initial sign up term, or $8.33 per month.

In other words, if you signed up one DinerMagic customer per week, at the end of the year you would have earned over $5,000 in straight commissions and would be receiving up to $433+ a month in residuals, for a total of more than $10,000 a year! For each successive year, you would receive another $5000 in residuals, as long as your customers remain DinerMagic subscribers.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for sales professionals currently in the food service industry, including - but not limited to - food service distributor sales reps (DSRs) and marketing associates. It would include those who are already calling on and servicing restaurants, cafes, bistros, and other retail-level food, drink, and hospitality businesses. We will also consider those with prior experience but may not be currently employed by a food service distributor. Please contact us if you have questions.

OK, back to basics. How do we keep the restaurant owner happy?
You make happy owners by helping them be successful owners. DinerMagic can simplify several time consuming tasks as well as save a restaurants a lot of money. Saving time and money - and actually seeing tangible results - will make anybody happy. Let's briefly cover a few facts that we know about restaurant owners:

Restaurant owners want to make a good impression.
No. Let's rephrase that. In today's competitive market, they need to make an outstanding impression. They don't want their hard work and their restaurant to be judged by a poorly-designed, unfinished, or out-of-date website.

As a DinerMagic Affiliate, you are offering a professionally-designed, customized website, fully-loaded with just about all the features a restaurant could want or need. Besides the Home page, there is a Contact page, Map & Directions page incorporating a GPS-enabled Google map, a user-manageable Guestbook, a Photo Gallery, and an Online Menu. There are optional pages too, such as Events, Jobs, Webcam, Twitter, and more to come.

There's no special software to download, no templates, no programming, no HTML, no waiting. Yes, the customer will need to know the basics of using a computer, but not much more.

They want professional menus.
Again, there are programs out there that allow one to choose from hundreds of pre-designed menus with thousands of fonts and zillions of pieces of clip-art. Who has time for all of that? Is the finished product going to be better than what they have already?

The DinerMagic Affiliate can offer two options: (1) Use the restaurant's existing menu layout. An advantage is: they and their customers are already familiar it; (2) A menu layout can be revamped or redesigned completely (for an additional fee), then converted to DinerMagic.

They want current menus.
Nobody wants penciled-in or scratched-out prices. Worse, they don't want to be subsidizing their customer's meals with outdated prices.

With DinerMagic, your customers will be able to update and print menus - their menus - in just minutes. Do you normally hesitate telling your customers of inevitable food price increases? Now, after you tell them the bad news (or good news, if you have this week's specials), they can immediately adjust the prices of the affected menu items. There's no need for your customer to have out-of-date prices in their menus ever again. By simply logging on to their DinerMagic Admin Panel and choosing the Menu Edit link, they can make their edits, click an Update button, download the menu in PDF format, and print it immediately. Or if they choose, they can take the file to a printer or copy shop to have it printed.

Restaurant owners don't want to spend a lot of money.
DinerMagic is amazingly affordable. A fully loaded and tested, customized, and ready-to-go website with online menus and downloadable print menus, costs the customer less than $500. And thereafter, less than $1 a day for 24/7 access, website management/hosting and optimization and full customer and technical support.

Now, about you. You're a professional salesperson.
You are whom we are looking for. An independent contractor sales representative. This is not a multi-level marketing or sliding-scale pyramid setup. Affiliates do not prospect, qualify or sign up other affiliates. All DinerMagic Affiliates receive the same commission for every customer they sign up. For complete details see the full Affiliate Agreement by clicking on the link in the upper right column.

You don't want to spend a lot of money signing up for some "deal" here.
You won't. There's no "deal" here because it costs you nothing. If you qualify as an Affiliate, we will provide you with everything you need to sell DinerMagic. Free. If you need something and we don't have it, tell us. We love our product and we think that you and your customers will too.

So why aren't you guys selling this yourself?
Simple. You are already going to the very people we need to see. You've already done the legwork and you have an ongoing relationship with restaurant owners, managers and chefs. You know who to talk to and how to talk to them. For us it would be all cold-calling. For you, it's not just another visit to a friend or client. It's bringing something to that friend or client that will help them succeed in their business. Who is in a better position to sell DinerMagic than you are?

If I'm going to become a DinerMagic Affiliate, when should I do it?
Right now, and for a number of reasons. Here are a few: (1) DinerMagic is a brand new product. We have not yet embarked on a national sales campaign. We do plan to exhibit at some of the Food Distributors trade shows next spring. So before the word gets out, now is your chance to get started and establish yourself. (2) At the present time, DinerMagic is being sold on a non-exclusive basis. There are no exclusive territories being awarded. So with multiple food and beverage service sales reps typically visiting restaurants in your service area, the first rep who introduces DinerMagic to their customer, will likely get the sale. So don't delay! Sign up as an Affiliate before your competition does. (3) DinerMagic is likely a one-time purchase for most restaurants. Once a restaurant has purchased DinerMagic, other than future purchases for other locations, it isn't likely that they will buy it again. Once you have sold out your immediate route or territory, you will most likely need to expand outside your territory to reach other potential customers. Of course new restaurants are opening all the time and there are new features to DinerMagic that we will be offering in the future as optional add-ons. (4) However, the residual payments will continue as long as your customer remains a subscriber. And the more customers you sign up, the more residual payments you will receive. But the longer you wait to become a DinerMagic Affiliate, the more likely that customers in your will sign up with your competition.

Will my territory be protected?
At this time we cannot guarantee that any territory will be protected. The upside of this is that any Affiliate can sell anywhere without being limited to a specific territory.

For complete details see the Affiliate Agreement by clicking on the link in the upper right column.

Let's recap this:

Customers want to save time. You can give a customer a fully functioning, professionally built website in just days. Once created, updating DinerMagic is simpler than sending the tech support guys an email.

DinerMagic includes the customer's existing menu (up to 6 pages, more or additional menus are extra). Who has the time to pick through hundreds of menu templates and then choose artwork, especially if you have a perfectly good menu to begin with?

Or, if it's time for an updated or new menu, we can design one.
Customers want to save money. The price of food is changing daily. What if the customer wants or needs to change just one menu item? Will they have to print all new menus? What's that going to cost? Too what if a food price changes? Is the customer locked in to their old menu prices till the new ones come? What about buying specials? If a customer can buy on special an item, with DinerMagic that item can be on the meal. Within minutes it can be in the newest menu.

DinerMagic allows the customer to make an edit, click a button, download and print only the pages or menus you need, one or thousands. There's no waste, no delays, no fuss.
You: You want to make your customers happy. Happy customers are successful customers.

You want to be able to contribute to their success.

You don't want to have to invest a lot of time or money in this.

You want a reasonable commission for this.

Request a Restaurant Information Pack

The Restaurant Information Pack is a sales packet that we send to restaurants that request it. It includes the several case studies, a sample of a before and after menu that we have done for one of our customers, some frequently asked questions, and more. You may find it helpful in deciding if DinerMagic is something you'd be interested in representing. To receive one. please fill out and submit the form below. There's no obligation.

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